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Wedding & photograpy blog postS

Welcome to JD Photography (Isle of Wight)’s Wedding & Photography Blog Posts page.  The overall topic is wedding and/or photography.   The aim is to show latest snippets of useful and interesting information.  This may be unusual  experiences whilst photographing weddings here on the Isle of Wight.  Or articles that cover photographic techniques and new camera equipment.  Future ideas in the pipeline include:  Full frame vs crop sensors.  Photographing in low light venues such as churches.  Taking film clips during a wedding.  Please note that we use primarily Nikon cameras and equipment, thus equipment posts will tend to favour Nikon.  Choice of latest posts, will to be honest be random, and driven by latest photographic experiences.

The most recent Wedding & Photography blog posts are shown in the links below.   These show the variety of postings received, as these evolve they will be categorised for ease of reference. Older postings may be found from the Posts menu and following the navigation on this page.  Feel free to comment on any individual blog posting, there is a comments facility at the bottom within each post.  JD Photography regularly monitors these blog postings, and will reply to suitable comments made.  Please keep your comments clean, sensible, and to the point – otherwise comment risks deletion by our moderator.

Blog Post Wedding & Photography - Photo print montage.
Image Nikon D7200 & SB700 flash. Used by wedding photographer JD Photography.
Image line of bride with bridesmaids, with bouquets at wedding.
Image Black & White Groom holding bride, just legs. Photo for Wedding & Photography Blog Post.
Image groom's shirt button adjusted.
Viewfinder image wedding shot of bride & groom