Two great packages for your Isle of Wight Wedding Photography.

Our Isle of Wight Wedding Photography starts at a keenly competitive price, considering quality and services.  Our most economical wedding photography option is the colour only package for an 8-hour shoot (or longer if required).  Alternatively, the highly recommended colour plus black & white package gives you the best of both worlds of recording your precious images.  As well as providing the usual images on a USB stick and album; JD Photography uniquely includes a disk (DVD or Blu-Ray) record, short film clips, and even a 3D capture of the cake cut scene.  These prices are highly competitive and are likely to increase in the near future.  Secure your wedding day booking now, by contacting us at your earliest opportunity.

Image Groom & Bride Register. Isle of Wight Wedding Photography example..


From £495 for 8 hour shoot 

200 images minimum (Average 300+)

Images Provided on USB Stick.

3D Image (Cake Cutting)

Some short video clips (i.e. walking down aisle, confetti, first dance)

Wedding DVD or BLU-RAY x3 containing slideshow & filming

Framed A4 Our Wedding Day certificate.

Colour photo album of around 50 selected photographs.

Image Bride & Groom in colour. Example work by Isle of Wight based JD Photography.
Bride and Groom in B&W example JD Photography image.


From £695 for 8 hour shoot

Package as per Colour plus:

Additional photographs taken to suit black & white style.

200 minimum extra Black & White (different) images.

Extra Black & White photo album of around 50 selected photographs. 

If preferred Colour & BW can be combined to one large wedding photo album.

Decorative Motif of Colourful Leaves
Decorative Motif of Colourful Leaves

Why Choose JD Photography?

Its an old adage ‘you get what you pay for’.  However, this is often not the case.  We are certainly not the cheapest option available.   Cheapest is free, there may be occasional keen amateur photographers within your circle of friends, that can cover your wedding for no charge.  However, shooting the once in a lifetime occasion of a wedding is not for the faint hearted.  The equipment needs to be of high quality, with immediate back-ups of all essential camera equipment. 

Lighting can constantly vary; a sunny day may cast deep unflattering shadows on the bride and groom together with guests, requiring lighting techniques.  Church and Registry Offices are often dark places, sometimes flash is banned altogether.  This is where photographic technique, together with high quality cameras, kitted with wide aperture lenses, are absolutely necessary.  Sorry, but a mobile phone or hobby camera, will likely not be up to the job of providing quality images of your precious wedding day moments.   Not just the equipment, the photographer needs to be professionally adept and experienced at photographing weddings.


For your isle of wight wedding photography

There are a number of well-established Isle of Wight Wedding Photographers, that charge several thousand pounds and upwards, if money’s no object.  Generally (but not always) they will have the highest specified camera equipment and likely covered hundreds of weddings over many years.   We’re not competing with them, but offer you a competitively priced alternative with the necessary expertise, organisational ability, and equipment to confidently record good sharp images of your most special day.  Plus, we offer you some extras, unique to JD Photography.

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