Photo Gallery - Black & White

Black & White Image - Father opening door for bride
Black & White example Image - Church Organist
Black & White Image - Groom & Bride Signing Register
Image B&W - Bride & Groom Inside Church
Photo Gallery Black & White Image - Bride & Groom Confetti at Isle of Wight Church
Black & White Image - Bride & Groom by Door
Image B&W - Groom & Bride Outside Church
Black & White Photo - Groom & Bride Kissing
Image B&W - Bride with Grandad
Photo Gallery Black & White Image - Bride with Isle of Wight Sea Background
Photo Gallery Black & White Image - Groom Bride & Bridesmaid with Deer
Photo Gallery Black & White Image - Bridesmaid Feeding Deer
Gallery Black & White Photo - Bride & Groom with Elvis Impersonator
Black & White Photo - Happy Groom & Bride
Image B&W - Bridesmaid Peeps Over Pew.

Black & White Wedding Photographs

The above gallery displays various Black & White wedding photographs.  These were all taken by Isle of Wight based JD Photography.  Black & White photography, also known as greyscale or monotone photography may at first glance appear to be an unusual choice for a wedding.  However, the photographs can provide a greater emotional impact, with focus of expressions on people and patterns – without the distraction and immediate impact of colour. Furthermore there are some scenes and settings that lend themselves to Black & White.  The church organist picture at the top of this gallery, would not be as striking in colour, for example.

JD Photography doesn’t offer a Black & White only standard package – albeit this can be arranged if required.   What we do offer is a Colour plus Black & Wight Isle of Wight wedding photography package.  This gives the best of both worlds for the prospective bride & groom. It is possible because during a wedding shoot more photographs are taken than needed (ie. to account for blinking by the subject(s) or provide composition variety).   Also additional pictures are taken with Black & White in mind.  

Advantages of black & White

Further advantages of opting for the Colour plus Black & White wedding photography package are:  You will still have just as many colour photos, but also two photo albums instead of one.  Furthermore you will have additional and different images, showing your wedding day from a different artistic perspective.  And an added timeless ethereal quality to your wedding  memories captured.   One final point that occasionally crops up, is what happens when the bride and groom really want a colour version of a greyscale image?  Not a problem, this can easily be provided from the colour master RAW image taken.

All our past customers who opted for both colour and black & white have been delighted with the end results.  This is a highly recommended option, and a unique offer at a great price from JD Photography.

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