Photo Gallery - Colour

Colour wedding photograph - Bride Full Length
Image Groom & Bride - Girl Singing in Church
Isle of Wight wedding photograph - Bride Full Length
Colour wedding photograph of mother holding bride's train
Image Bridesmaid Holding Bouquet
Bride and friend with flowers
Image Bride with Sister & Mother
Isle of Wight wedding photograph of Bride & Groom Sitting.
Groom with Ushers in Sun Glasses An example of Isle of Wight wedding photograph.
Image Wedding Cake & Balloons. Taken by JD Photograph for Isle of Wight wedding photograph services.
Image Bride & Groom Jovial Scene
Image Bride & Groom Wedding Cake Cutting
Image Bride & Groom with Band
image Bride by Flowers. Taken by JD Photograph for Isle of Wight wedding photograph services.

Colour Photography Background

Above is a portfolio of colour images, primarily of Isle of Wight wedding photographs.  However, why indeed even mention the word ‘colour’ when referring to wedding photographs?  Surely in this day and age all wedding photographs are in dazzling ‘Technicolor’.    Not necessarily, indeed there are some brides and grooms who select to have their wedding photographed in greyscale, for a classic stylist look.  See our Photo Gallery – Black & White page for more on this subject.

Colour photography is much older than most people realise.  Origins of the first processes for colour photography date right back to the mid-19th Century.  It was ascertained then, that by capturing the three prime colours (Reg, Green, & Blue) by suitable mixtures, all colours can be derived.  In fact white is an equal mix of all three primes, and black the absence of any colour.  Various methods of  filter and layering processes were used with varying success.  The most successful of which was autochrome, developed (pardon pun) by the French Lumiere brothers.  Autochrome did indeed facilitate full colour capture, but the process was slow, required long exposures, and cumbersome. 

It was in 1936 that Kodak created the legendary Kodachrome transparency (slide) film; that colour was able to reach the mass market.  This simply was three ‘films’ (for the prime colours) layered into one.    Kodachrome can still be bought and used today.  However, digital photography has now largely replaced film, and is of course what JD Photography uses to capture your Isle of Wight wedding photographs.


So nowadays, we don’t need to worry about expensive film, and can quite easily capture numerous colour images for a wedding – which we do in many hundreds.  Nonetheless successful colour photography is an art in itself. 

For starters the typical wedding event will have multiple venues.  These range from:   Home indoors (bride or groom preparations).  Outdoor arrival to ceremony in weather ranging from bright sunshine to rain downpour.   Indoor at church or reception often in low light.  Then more outdoor shots where the weather may have changed.  And finally at reception – again notorious for low light conditions, with often other multi coloured light sources thrown in.   Photographically the wedding shots as well as being sharp, properly exposed, and well composed – will need to show consistent colours.  This is particularly pertinent for the bride’s wedding gown – often white or cream.

 At JD Photography, we are well versed in the lighting and camera techniques necessary to achieve good and consistent colour photographs.   We offer two packages both including colour photographs.  However, we can uniquely provide a wedding photographic service of both a colour and a black & white set of photos.  This provides the best of both forms of photographic imaging, to record all the special moments of your wedding day.

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