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Much of wedding photography is dealing with the ever changing light conditions.  A flash is an essential tool for fill in flash, light for church/registry  settings (if allowed), and often dark reception settings.  The question is the viability of using ring flash for wedding photography.  On the plus a ring flash can be used directly negating need to bounce flash.  Also has a forte for close-up and portrait photography.  Rather than fork out for an expensive Nikon Ring Flash, an aftermarket Meike Ring Lite Flash MK-14EXT was purchased, to just try out. 

The overall quality appeared fine, and this ring flash includes a number of mounting rings for all the common lens sizes.

A number of test shots, showed this was quite a capable unit, providing nice indoor portrait shots without using bounce flash techniques. Close-ups of decorative objects were also impressive.  

Image Meike Ring Flash MK-14EXT with Nikon D7200 used for wedding photography trial.

Wedding Photography Use Experience

The Meike Ring flash was utilised for a wedding shoot, on a second camera.  A real test to ascertain  ring flash viability for wedding photography use, 

In use on the day, the flash operated fine.  However, on occasion it was prone to physically dropping off the camera lens if slightly jarred, or camera put down.  Not a great look.

Looking at the wedding photographs taken, it was quite good at indoor portrait work, and close up phots of wedding memorabilia.  For the outdoor group shots:- small close groups were fine; but for the large groupings there was a suspicion of too little fill in flash.  As for the church walking down aisle shot, not attempted – the trusty Nikon Speedlight flash’s  sheer power and reach is essential.  Overall verdict was mixed.  On balance it is concluded that traditional flash is  preferable for wedding photography, due to its power and versatility for the various wedding shooting scenarios.

Ring Flash Selling on eBay - Unusual Enquiry

So following the decision that a ring flash is simply not versatile enough for the ever changing challenges of a wedding day shoot,  there is no further use for the Meike Ring Flash.  Hence, put up for sale on eBay.  Here follows the transcript, of an unusual series of messages from a potential eBay buyer 2014amcholo.  What was going on, appears to be clarified in the end – seems like a nice sort, wish Amcholo well.

Intro- ebay message transcript -meike ring flash MK14-EXT

Hi friend pls can say why the light can make photo.the light on it only red?thanks

When it turn on have light on it red color,afther some seconds it turns green.when it works normal.what if it stay red?it can’t turn green.dont give light during photo

Answer from JD Photography (data-lite)
Thank you for your message. Sorry, but I’m having trouble understanding your questions.
This ring flash operates like an ordinary flash to take photographs, but the point source is circular and can provide a more diffuse and natural light. This is particularly useful for close-up photography and portraits. The light provided is white, not red.

eBay Transcript Continues - More About The Ring Flash Red Light

Yes it is red.but why it doesn’t give light during photo

Answer from JD Photography
Apologies yet again, but I’m having real trouble in trying to understand what you’re trying to say, or indeed the point of your eMails. Nevertheless, we have been doing our best to work out what you’re trying to say, and answer accordingly.

Your latest question ‘yes it is red.but why it doesn’t give light during photo’ doesn’t make coherent sense.

From this we can only guess at what you’re trying to ask. Here are some possibilities:

Does the red indicator light cause the flash to have a red tint? Answer: No – the flash light is white.

Can the red indicator be use to change to the colour of the flash? Answer: No, it’s just an indicator.

Why doesn’t the red indicator affect photographs? Answer: It is simply a red indicator light located at the back to let the photographer know the current status of flash (i.e. ready to charge). The LED light is so insignificant, it has no effect on the overall intensity or white colour of the main flash.

Surely the red indicator gives out some light, how does this compare to the main flash white output? Answer: Yes, this is true, but you will be looking at a ratio of around millions to one to the point of being negligible.

What affect does the red indicator light have on photographs? Answer: None – A photograph taken in pitch black, even with extreme high ISO, will produce a black image with just the red indicator.

I am still worried about the red indicator light, despite all the above. What can I do? Answer: Put a small strip of black masking tape over the red indicator light – and take a chance when photographing that your flash is ready to fire (due to not being able to see indicator status).

I hope that one of the above covers what you’re trying to ask.

eBay Transcript Finale - Looks Like Potential Customer Already Has The Ring Flash!

2014amcholo (53) – I want to understand.i turn it on.on display all ok.byt don’t give light

Answer from JD Photography 
I appreciate that English is not your forte or possibly is a second language. Let’s give this another attempt to try and provide an answer for you.
My guess is that you are not a potential buyer asking about a product before purchase or placing an offer – which is the purpose of this eBay message facility. I would further guess that you already own this ring flash, or similar item; and are having trouble with getting it to operate.
If this is the case, to resolve try the following:
Check the batteries, are inserted correctly, are of adequate performance, and fully charged.
Press and hold the red indicator button for several seconds. This should fire off a flash.
If the above test doesn’t work, then you either have a battery problem or defective flash unit.
If the above test does work. Then you will need to check your camera settings. I would start by ensuring flash is selected, and if a decent camera that your TTL settings are correct.
I’ve been more than helpful, despite the fact that your message does not appear to be related to interest in a possible purchase. Hope this helps to resolve your issue.

John (JD Photography)

2014amcholo (53)
Thanks you are good person

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