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Welcome!  I’m John D Henry BA BSc, lead photographer of JD Photography.  As a business we’ve operating since 2000.  This post is an introduction to JD Photography, Isle of Wight based wedding photographer.

We started with imaging services, primarily photo frames and personalised gifts, with overall  company name Datalite UK Ltd.  For some years we had a shop in Ryde, Isle of Wight.  This overlapped with an extra period of Royal Navy service for myself 2007-2009.   Luckily had good staff at the time to cover, thank you in particular to Tracey Turnbull.

In common with many businesses, a shop was no longer viable, so around a decade ago concentrated on our website presence.

There are still elements that continue (personalised gifts at DAYBORN) and some framing.  Both help to provide additional products as part of an overall wedding photography package.

John D Henry of JD Photography in RN uniform, outside Datalite Frame shop in Ryde, Isle of Wight.

Photographic Services

Shortly after moving out of the shop, the business scope was expanded into the area of filming and photography.  Hence the formation of DLUK Photography.  This includes filming and photographing numerous weddings.

A couple of things evolved business wise.  First the popularity of picture and photo frames is clearly in decline.  People tend to keep and display their photographic records on smartphones.  Secondly canvas prints has been in increasing popularity for interior display of large photographs.  Which is an opportune time to plug my daughter Rebecca and husband Anthony’s canvas print business in Gosport, Hampshire: Super Canvas

Despite numerous successful weddings & events filmed and photographed.  It was recently decided to focus purely on Isle of Wight Wedding Photography.   And the former DLUK Photography is now rebranded as JD Photography

Wedding & Photography - Blog Posts

First some terminology, a blog is the overall collection of posts.  A post is an individual article such as this one.  Our posts will be in web page format, and can be located from the ‘Posts’ menu on our JD Photography website.  This first post titled ‘Introduction JD Photography (Isle of Wight) will be the style of format used for future postings – each will have their own page.

The topic of our blog is all things Wedding & Photography.  So, posts may be about weddings, photography (including filming), or as in most cases a combination of both (wedding photography).  We’re an Isle of Wight based wedding photographer; so many of the posts will be correlated with this.

The scope within the constraints of the Wedding & Photography topic, will be wide ranging – as long as its useful or interesting.  Some posts may by way of example be about camera techniques, latest photographic technology, or interesting experiences garnered whilst covering Isle of Wight weddings. 

In fact the inspiration for this blog, came from an amusing series of messages from a prospective eBay ‘buyer’ of a camera ring flash, we no longer need.  Details of which will be posted shortly in our next blog post.

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